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Astronomy or Astrology

Astronomy and astrology are two words that sound very much alike and the fact that they are also both very much to do with stars and planets means that they become very much confused in people’s minds. However, this means one could very easily give the other a bad name.

So just what is the difference? Well, astronomy is about using telescopes to learn more about the universe we live in whilst astrology is something that gives hope and encouragement to many and mild amusement to others whilst having no founding in either fact or even its own accuracy. The original foundations for astrology were formed using calculations that were actually wrong and despite a realisation many years down the line, nothing has been done to remedy these inaccuracies.

The idea of trying to sum up someone’s whole personality or predict their future using astrology is absurd when you really think about it. It is effectively stating that there are only 12 types of people and the descriptions given are so vague that they could apply to anyone, and those reading such descriptions tend to only pick out the parts relevant to them.

So how much does astronomy differ? Well, using astronomical telescopes to study the galaxy and beyond is a science and whilst it may not be as frivolous and fun as astrology, it is far more interesting, rewarding and worthwhile, giving us a better view of our place within our solar system and the universe as opposed to some generic information and a few lies for good measure.

Ultimately, astronomy can be a fun little pastime so long as you are aware that it is far more myth than magic, superstition and not -super way to plan your life,’ whilst getting out those astronomical telescopes to understand more about celestial bodies will always not only be fun, but also extremely informative too.

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What Is Important When Buying Astronomy Telescopes

All individuals have various hobbies. A few of them like sport, music, cinema, others prefer astronomy. If you are passionate admirer of terrestrial applications and astronomy then you definitely require great telescope. It is not so easy to choose a proper astronomy telescope. There are a lot of retailers that offer telescopes which have a very very poor quality. In this post we will explain to you what aspects you have to take into consideration before buying telescope and will offer some brand-names of well-known, quality producers.

The very first telescope was invented in seventeenth century and from that point its parameters and capabilities developed enormously. Before selecting telescope you have to consider into account several essential factors, like kind, price, focal length, mount type, orifice and several others.

By comparing these parameters on various telescopes you are able to make right choice. Nowadays you will find different types of telescopes, such as reflecting, refracting and catadioptric telescopes. Every type has its personal benefits and disadvantages. So it is up to, what kind is most ideal for you. Refractors for making images are using lenses, reflectors, utilizing mirrors and catadioptric telescopes are using mixtures. First two kinds are more popular compared to the third.
There are also a lot of sub-categories and sub-types, but they are not as essential as this subdivision. They are widely used for astronomical telescopes and lengthy focus camera lenses. This type is suitable mainly since it provides a very crispy image and also you can appreciate and observe planetary objects.

Usually refractors are portable, which means that you could easily move it. But unfortunately it has a small opening, that is why you can observe planets and very vibrant stars as well as constellations. They are also fairly costly, using one or a number of curved mirrors in order to type picture.

This type is very famous among admirers of astronomy, because it is ideal for astrophotography and visible observation. Catadioptric telescopes are ideal for observing small celestial objects. Generally it has small size, but excellent magnification that makes it favorite option for astronomers. However, they are much more expensive than 2nd type.
It is also essential to find out aperture. Large kinds offer brighter and clearer imagery. It is appropriate to observe very little celestial objects, details as well as distant galaxies. Such orifice tends to make a scope bulky and costly. So, before choosing one you must consult with an professional, who will enable you to select one which is suitable for you.

These days there are a to select from such as Baader Hyperion eyepieces, Daystar Solar filters, Kowa Spotting Scopes, Televue and lots of others. All these companies do not require an introduction, because they are regarded as leaders within this business.

We are certain that you will not regret, buying one, especially in the event you will follow all advice supplied in this post.


Meteorites come to light in one of several ways. For simplicity, we’ve grouped their discovery in four categories. The first 4 are known methods, the fifth, is pure luck.Most every secretive government agency in the USA is fully aware of what is expected and are readying themselves. The Vatican is fully abreast of what is expected.

Thomas J. Johnson, Celestron’s founder and the genius behind the modern Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope, was in his early 30s when he used his World War II experience as a radar technician and post-war employment in the electronics industry to establish Valor Electronics in 1955. Based in Gardena, California,

New Horizons will reach the Pluto system – more than 3 billion miles from home – on July 14, 2015, fifty years to the day after NASA’s Mariner 4 mission inaugurated the close-up imaging of the planets with its Mars flyby. But astronomers can probe the spatial distribution of dark matter through gravitational lensing – how dark matter’s gravity distorts the images of background galaxies.

Maybe you have to be a little bit crazy to do this for a living. At the very least, you need to be comfortable with delayed gratification. When a meteorite fall occurs, meteorite hunters often just grab a map, a GPS, and head for the fall. While this works, there is a better way to plan an expedition using GIS (Geographic Information System) software.

Cheap telescopes that actually work well are unfortunately a rarity. Yes there are some lower end telescopes that come from reputable manufacturers that are great for casual viewing or the beginner in astronomy but sadly most cheap telescopes are rubbish. If you’re looking for your first telescope, you’ll find you have a huge number of choices. How do you choose the right one?

Are you thinking of getting into astronomy? Buying a telescope can be one of the greatest ideas, as you find that you can see some amazing things in the night sky, and find a hobby that will never tire, and last for life!Astrology/horoscopes is the study of celestial body movement. Astrologers believe that the movement of celestial bodies is directly related to the lives of individuals on Earth.

Astronomy is the oldest science known to man and every time we think about astronomy we think about stars and other galaxies far, far away. When problems come and everything we do seems useless, we often question God and ask him why it is happening to us.

Sometimes in our daily lives we fail to realize what another person has done to us regardless if it’s good or bad. Since people tend to neglect things when they’re busy, Einstein published General Relativity in 1915, a historic landmark in science that is still the best description we have of gravity.

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