Enhance Science And Astronomy Projects With Space Icons

Teaching or studying astrophysics or other space sciences? Designing a Web portal or teaching materials for a course? Space Icons will make your portal or brochures look modern and professional right away. Designed to be used with educational portals, student projects and Web sites, as well as software and printed brochures and handouts, Space Icons look strict and formal wherever they are used.

The collection consists of sixty images, and contains various symbols of the space thematic. Space Icons include images of Astronaut and Astronomy, Constellations and Comets, Solar Eclipse, Spacecraft, Earth and all planets of the solar system, Sun, Satellite, Nova, Scientist, Galaxy, Radiation, Telescope, Rocket, Shuttle, and many more.

Studying or teaching courses like Astronautics, Space Travel, Non-Earth Planetary Science, or Biology of Other Planets? Earth and the planets of the solar system are easily recognizable, and drawn scaled to their sizes. Involved into Astrophysics, Galactic Science, or Stellar Science? The collection has images of Stars, Nova, Galactic, and objects such as Meteorite. Space Icons depict multiple objects in the areas of space science, technology, and space engineering.

Each image in the Space Icons collection is meticulously designed to match every other icon in style and gamma. All images are professionally drawn to be used on educational portals, teacher and student Web sites. The available large variants of 256×256 pixels are included with the collection, and allow printing booklets and other printed matters of perfect quality.

Technical specifications of the Space Icons collection are highly impressive. The collection contains all resolutions of 256×256, 48×48, 32×32, 24×24, 20×20, and 16×16 pixels for every image. Each image comes in both True Color and 256-color versions, making it possible to use icons in software products in addition to Web sites, portals, brochures and handouts. The entire collection is supplied in ICO, GIF, PNG, and BMP formats. All images are readily available for download and use, and do not have any royalty fees. The preview of the Space Icons collection is available at www.777.icons.com.