Features of an Astronomy Green Laser Pointer

The 200mw green laser pointer pen is one of the most powerful laser pointer in the market today. It can point miles away from the pen and it can be used when pointing onto walls and buildings in a construction site. It is also known as the astronomy green laser pointer as it can be used for studying starts since you can point on the stars when star gazing. The pointer is ideal when highlighting at night and it is at times used by military to point out the enemy or enemy territory. In the near future, other weaponry such as sniper guns are expected to be fitted with this high power green laser pointer to increase on accuracy. >

The high power green laser pointer can also be used for the more conventional job of pointing at different aspects in a overboard presentation slide. The high power green laser pen is adjustable in terms of the size of the marker and you can also change the marker design itself. You can have a hand image marker, a dot marker, an arrow marker and many other variations. You can adjust the marker type depending on the type of presentation you are doing. The marker size adjuster can be used to reduce the size of the mark and thereby highlighting on very tiny details.

The 200mw green laser pointer pen is a light and convenient hand held device. It weighs and has a size similar to a regular pen. You can get a black or silver colored pen depending on your preferences. The astronomy green laser pointer also comes with various accessories and is packed in a lovely set box that can be ideal for a gift. The adjustment lever is also located in different places on different pen models. There is the middle open 200mw green laser pointer pen that makes adjustments by unscrewing or screwing at the center of the pen. You therefore need to screw the top side and the bottom side on an antagonistic twist to achieve the adjustment. On the other hand, there is the end screw pen that allows you to make pointer adjustments by screwing the back end of the pen. Some high power green laser pointer pens come with a holder to slip onto a pocket with. The holder is pretty similar to that of a pen.