Differences Between Astrology And Astronomy!


Astrology is in short a superstition that originated in Babylon around 1000BC. Having a look at the movement of the planets the ancients believed that the position of the planets during your birth determined your life. Though there are more complicated permutations behind the belief, the basis is the movement of the planets along the band of stars we know as the Zodiac.


Astronomy does not underline the existence nor does it recognize Astrology as anything but superstition. Astronomy focuses on the scientific study and mathematical calculations of everything above and below us. Astronomy is based on scientific evidence. Though there are many unexplained theories, they are mostly based on educated guesses originating from earlier observations and calculations.


The band of stars centered around the ecliptic, the area through which the sun appears to move. Appears to move, as the Earth is actually rotating around the sun. This movement and path, creates the illusion that the sun is doing the movement. One can check the compatibility of their love by using these signs. They can see which people will make good lovers, friends, and partners. Every person will have their own element, animal according to their birth. Each animal and element will have their own characteristics. Through this, one can check their compatibility with others by comparing their element and animal characteristics with the other.

Astrology and Astronomy differences

As pointed out the first is seen as superstition, the second as science. Astrology used 12 star signs to divide the zodiac and Astronomy used 13 signs. The constellation of Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer is a stretch of sky through which the planets and Sun seem to move. But thousands of paranormal and supernatural things remain the way they are- uncanny and unimaginable. No one has explanations. All the same, people love to know more and indulge in these pursuits. Very often we have astrologers predicting events. Most people love the opportunity to get one’s palm read by an astrologer.
The fact that the year only has 12 months could have influenced the decision to leave out Ophiuchus.

In Conclusion

The predictions made by Astrologers are sometimes mind boggling correct, yet you will not find an astronomer that takes Astrology seriously. The contrary is my personal observation. You hardly find an Astrologer able to show you the planets in the sky. The vast distances in space make the influence of the planets on any living human a very debatable subject.