Astronomy in Australia

Did you know that it’s possible that the Australian Aboriginal people may be the world’s first astronomers? There is a diversity of astronomical traditions in Australia and some Aboriginal groups, which have the oldest continuous culture in the world, use attribute religious or mythological meanings to celestial bodies and also use their motion for calendar purposes.

Because of all this factors, because the first astronomers have arisen in Australia and because they have this very strong astronomical culture in the country, is that Australia has inherited this tradition and fascination for astronomy. Look below some highlights of important cities in Australia related to astronomy and try to visit some of them.

Victoria: some people know that when Mallefowl constellation disappears in October, to -sit with the sun-, its time to start gathering her eggs on Earth.

Brisbane: the Brisbane Astronomical Society (BAS) holds regular free public viewing nights at Mt Coot-tha. Lookout: . At each meeting a presentation is given by a guest speaker on a variety of subjects relating to Amateur Astronomy.

Perth: there is the oldest continuously operating professional observatory and Western Australias premier astronomical institution. All Perth astronomers have an enduring commitment to their field and at least 10 years experience in astronomy. Lookout: .

Sydney: the astronomy team developed a method of finding the truly massive stars in the Milky Way. They used bright x-ray glow from these stars to find where they are hiding in the galaxy. The results shown that the massive stars they found can be 50 times heavier than our sun but have a very short life span, which may end in a supernova explosion that produces enough light to outshine the entire galaxy. “The detection of their X-ray emission is a new way of discovering massive stars that eluded discovery in extensive infrared and optical surveys of our galaxy. The observatory in Sidney, located near Canberra, can be visited and organizes events and courses. Lookout: .

Another city in Australia detaches itself when relates to astronomy. Coonabarabran, a town of around 3,000 people with 11,000 living in the region, is one of the best places in NSW to experience nature. Thats why its considered the astronomy capital of Australia.

These are some useful tips for you to do what you love, meet other astronomers and have fun. Professor Penny Sackett, that work as the Chief Scientist for Australia, says that -usually if you talk to scientists you’ll see that enthusiasm, and astronomy struck me as one of the places where people seemed to be having the most fun.-